Industrial Buildings

Our industrial buildings, are structures made entirely of steel profiles, which will be, depending on the dimensions and load coefficients resulting from the calculation, appropriately sized. Steel constructions have significant advantages from the point of view of structural flexibility, that is, the ability to quickly move or expand the structure itself. The coatings most commonly used in this type of structure, such as sandwich panels, provide a very high co-efficient of thermal-acoustic insulation from the outside. Our goal, is to satisfy the requests and thus the demands of the customer, always ensuring maximum reliability and quality.

Technical Informations

All you need to know

The structures used as industrial buildings must guarantee spaces with significant lighting. Their features, however, are strictly related to the land registry categories to which they belong. In this classification, industrial properties are divided into various categories depending on the intended use, for example: warehouse (C2); craft workshop (C3); factory (D1); buildings constructed or adapted for the special needs of an industrial activity and not susceptible to different use without radical transformations (D7); buildings for production functions related to agricultural activities (D10).

The main advantages over other building materials are as follows:

High strength/specific weight ratio

metal structures are lighter than those in load-bearing masonry and reinforced concrete. his yields a lower incidence of the structural weight on operating loads, favouring the creation of smaller foundations. The strength to weigh profile of or steel elements insure lighter construction elements and when coupled with their corresponding high load resistence allow for the construction of large structures.


All parts are built in the workshop and arrive on site ready to be assembled quickly and easily.


Our modular design and fabrication processes allow for easy onsite re-enforcement and modification during the constuction process on site.

Fast and inexpensive disassembly

Disassembly or demolition phases are also easily facilitated allowing for swift and economical deconstruction, with the possibility of recovering and reusing the entire structure or part of the material.

This type of steel structure guarantees the possibility of absorbing seismic energy, using the high plastic reserves typical of the material through the use of construction details that are decidedly less expensive than those that would be necessary with other materials. Metallic constructions are characterised by lower structural weights compared to the construction solutions of reinforced concrete, thus reducing the magnitude of the inertial forces generated by an earthquake on the structure while at the same time guaranteeing a more effective ability to dissipate the seismic action.

Steel is also suitable for renovation and seismic retrofitting of masonry or reinforced concrete buildings. Indeed, the use of steel elements makes it possible to respect the architectural richness inherent in the building heritage of historic city centers, without disrupting the cultural identity of the buildings.

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