The structure for supporting pomegranates and other fruit trees is made from a combination of several elements that together create the optimum system for supporting tree growth.

The central post is well known for its strength and solidity, and it consists of:
– a post designed to withstand significant vertical loads
– two arms that allow the adjustment of the wires according to the tree’s growth requirements
– the connecting crossbar and lateral reinforcements complete the system.

The maximum capacity of the total load is: – 500 daN (total across two arms) equal to kg/weight 50.98

The end post is designed to support loads up to 3,000 kg along the row, and it consists of: – a die-folded post in steel with thickness varying from 2.00 to 2.5 mm – a 2.00 mm square-section crossbar (35 x 35 mm) with holes for the passage of wires, linked to the pillar by means of two 25-mm reinforcements in metal tubing.