Management’s decision to adopt a UNI EN ISO 9001-compliant quality system stems from a desire to research and consolidate advanced and innovative solutions for the continuous improvement of products and services. Ensuring high standards of quality and safety, is the prerequisite, along with compliance with contractual requirements, for full customer satisfaction.

TERRANOVA s.r.l. in respect of all stakeholders, is committed to complying with the mandatory regulations inherent in its field of activity, as well as to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes to ensure adequate solutions and understand any implicit needs that generate opportunities for new services.

The Quality Management and Production Control System implemented by TERRANOVA s.r.l. is periodically reviewed both by internal company functions and by an external body chosen to maintain certification over time.

The business strategies, translated into goals and objectives, are:

  1. Adopt an organizational model capable of continuously measuring and improving business performance, relationship with customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders;
  2. Define precise responsibilities among business functions, control and optimize processes, possible nonconformities cause waste, and improve performance;
  3. Involve and involve staff, at all levels, in achieving corporate goals;
  4. Measure business performance and collaborate with suppliers for continuous quality improvement;
  5. Identify staff training needs to ensure skill retention and professional growth;
  6. To increase the company’s ability to offer its Customers a complete, effective and qualified service, from the examination of requests, to the servicing of the products manufactured;
  7. Ensure the safety of the products offered with the required legal requirements for CE marking;
  8. Define an appropriate approach to risk and ways to deal with it, integrating these actions into the processes of their management system and evaluating their effectiveness.

The Head of Management, in the person of Legal Representative Stella Maria Bruna Terranova, and the Quality Management System and CVT Manager, in the person of Giuseppe Scavone, are responsible for establishing, implementing and keeping up-to-date the Quality Management System and CVT of TERRANOVA s.r.l.

It is the duty of the management to review the Quality Management System and CVT in periodic meetings, within which special attention is paid to the indicators of the Quality Management System and Product Safety, which are not only a tool for verifying the achievement of objectives, but also the basis for an objective assessment of the company’s possibilities for improvement.

Management is committed to promoting the dissemination of this Policy to all organizational levels inside and outside the organization, both through posting the document throughout the plant, through specific training to internal staff, and through dissemination to interested third parties through publication on the company website

Achievement of the above objectives is only possible through the commitment of all personnel and compliance with operating procedures and rules, knowing that commitment to Quality is an integral part of everyone’s job description. Each manager is required to raise awareness among his or her staff, leading to the achievement of goals by example and involvement.