Terranova Company

We are a family – owned, family-run metal fabrication company serving the agricultural sector since 1954. Our team produces grapevine trellis support structures for vineyards, as well as metal quanset structure material for orchards, greenhouses, sheds, external roofs and fences. We listen to our customers requirements, and generate tailor made technical solutions to meet their unique needs. These business optimized solutions utilize only the highest quality raw materials yeilding optimal durability and efficiency while balancing cost and achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Our robust network of international distributors and agents facilitating effecient and timely acquisition and delivery of our products across Italy as well as 40 countries around the world.


90% of the energy required for production is derived from renewable sources. Our photovoltaic system covers an area of 2,000 square meters, enabling notable savings in CO2 emissions.


Our design department is uniquely qualified to assist our customers in generating design prototypes to meet unique needs. Along with design and development experiences we pride ourselves in the capability to generate design concepts and prototypes utlizing 3D printing.

square meters of production space
meters of covered establishment
tons of steel processed per day

What we can do for you

We can generate a business solution which meet your unique technical, cost requirements. The delivered solution will be optimized for your unique structural environment and will meet your production requirements and will. We can help you select the best structural solutions for your production unit. Only the highest quality materials are used insuring efficiency in installation and highest reliability and durability.

We are committed to working to serve nature and support agriculture with reliable, innovative and environmentally sustainable products.

First we listen, then we design

  • We employ a rigorous project management process whereby we define requirements, generate solutions, identify timeline, tailor contracts, leverage our supply base, execute and deliver. Every project is jointly developed together with the client in order to meet specific requirements, and deliver a product that meets those needs. Our technical staff offers personalised design expertise. They understand our product applications and have what it takes to deliver unique solutions facilitating the construction of effective vineyard, orchard, greenhouse and fence systems.

Distribution and logistics

  • Terranova Srl distributes its products in Italy and exports to over 40 countries around the world. Our logistics solutions ensure timeleness, efficiency, and punctuality. From the moment production begins up to the moment of delivery, our logistics experts manage every aspect of the process and deliver on time results.

Historical brand

  • Founded in 1954 by Francesco Paolo and Santoro Terranova, the company – is now being operated by its third generation of our family. Terranova has a rich heritage of experience and reputation, working alongside its customers and offering effective system solutions for the agricultural sector. Terranova Srl offers the guarantee of time tested expertise and the reliability / stability of a company that has been delivering high quality market solutions for almost 70 years.

Mission and Vision

  • Terranova Srl offers effective, customer optimized solutions for all types agricultural applications. Our passion is to listen to our customers, build relationships with them and develop / deliver solutions that best meet their needs. Our products are made using only the best raw materials and are manufactured to certified production standards, guaranteeing highest possible levels of reliability, durability and sustainability.

Our commitment is to work in harmony with nature, providing assistance for the agricultural sector by means of reliable, innovative and sustainable products.