Atmospheric agents control systems for automatic window management

All the openings of our greenhouses can be managed automatically by setting the desired internal temperature from the appropriate PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), the maximum wind speed beyond which the windows will close automatically and detection via a rain sensor, which will always ensure the safe closing of the windows. All these variables can also be managed remotely via app.

Window Handling

(not suitable for cardan-arm curtain windows)

Power 0.55 KW
Consumption 1.7 A
380 / 400 V

Side windows with rolling motorised curtain

The automatic closing of this type of window occurs via a gear motor connected to a telescopic arm equipped with a cardan joint which acts directly on the winding tube of the curtain.
The telescopic arm for rolling plastic film from 1 m to 4.5 m in height is made of anodised aluminium profile, with stainless steel excursion rod and double cardan with a maximum working angle of 45°.

Motorised curtain side and front window

The roller curtain is placed in the side and front walls of the greenhouse. In correspondence with the curtain there is a rigid corrugated base of 50 cm in height. The window is operated by a motorised telescopic arm with a cardan joint (see window automation systems).

Seagull wing ridge windows (or semi openable arch)

Upper opening with semi-opening arch, with rack system and transmission axis. Half of the arch opens with a hinged rotation in the centre of the span.

Handling takes place by means of an electric gear motor.

The infill is made of “polyethylene film”.

Motorized “mushroom” ridge window

In the upper part of the greenhouses, with the exception of the central corridor, there are motorized “mushroom” type windows, with a vertical opening of approx. 1.20 m in width, for a height of approx. 0.70 m. Each window is moved by a gearmotor with a rack axis, in turn managed by an electrical control panel.

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